Shelia Balkan, PH.D. ,

Criminologist and Court Consultant


Drawing on her many years of experience as a researcher, academic, private investigator, forensic criminologist and criminal law specialist, Dr. Balkan uses a multidisciplinary approach that humanizes individuals facing criminal prosecution, and brings focus to the issues that are most important to a clientís case.

Dr. Balkan provides insight that gets to the core issues that are critical to understanding an individual's actions and behavior. A defendant's conduct is often influenced by a variety of cultural, personal, familial, biological and environmental factors. Dr. Balkan bridges the gap between the law and the social sciences. Presentations are tailored to the individual client and are professionally and appropriately presented to the court, prosecutor, probation officer or other authority.

Because Dr. Balkan is personally responsible for every aspect of portraying a defendantís circumstances, her presentations are cost-effective and get results. Dr. Balkan looks at the charged offense in the context of the larger picture of a clientís life. She never loses sight that she is dealing with a personís freedom.