Shelia Balkan, PH.D.,

Criminologist and Court Consultant

Dr. Balkan Bio Shot

When the critical issue in a case comes down to humanizing a defendant, demonstrating the existence of exceptional mitigating factors or providing a range of alternatives to imprisonment, Dr. Sheila Balkan has a proven and extensive record in making a difference.

Drawing on her expertise as a criminologist and her participation in over 4000 criminal cases, Dr. Balkan employs insight, creativity, community resources and a wide range of tools to bring together the unique factors that warrant consideration in a particular case. Her vast experience has been employed nationwide in both state and federal courts and has earned her the respect of judges, who rely on her opinion, and attorneys, who count on her to formulate a strategy. Dr. Balkan's skill at quickly identifying relevant factors and her interdisciplinary and holistic approach to working with clients has established her practice as singular and highly in demand. Dr. Balkan's approach includes finding treatment options, when indicated, matching clients’ skills and interests to community service placements and even producing digital video documentaries to provide courts with first-hand evidence when words alone do not adequately account for the drama of a client's life or contribution to the community. Cases are developed and presented using whatever means or methods best suit the individual. Learn more…